Saint Petersburg, Russia
Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden
Batayskiy lane 3A
International symposium

Spin Waves 2018


3-8 June 2018

Saint-Petersburg, Russia




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International Symposium on Spin Waves will be held in Saint Petersburg, - . It is organized by Ioffe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Since the sixties this International Symposium was aimed at providing an opportunity for discussion of the latest advances in fundamental studies of dynamic properties of various magnetically ordered materials.

This year the Symposium will highlight the modern problems and novel trends in magnetism with a special emphasis being put on spin dynamics. The Symposium will include discussions on the recently emerged research topics:

Ultrafast spin dynamics and all-optical magnetization switching
Magnonics and propagation of spin waves
THz spectroscopy of spin excitations
Antiferromagnets and exotic magnetic structures
Spin excitations in low-dimensional and quantum magnets
Magneto-photonics, phononics and plasmonics
Magnetic topological structures
Organizing committee
A. I. Smirnov, Co-Chair (Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems RAS, Moscow, Russia)
V. V. Pavlov Co-Chair (Ioffe Institute RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia)
S. A. Nikitov (Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS, Moscow, Russia)
Th. Rasing (Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
A. Slavin (Oakland University, Oakland, USA)
Program committee
A. Kirilyuk, Co-Chair (Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
R. V. Pisarev, Co-Chair, (Ioffe Institute RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia)
Yu. A. Filimonov (Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS, Saratov, Russia)
S. V. Grigoriev (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia)
A. M. Kalashnikova (Ioffe Institute RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia)
B. A. Kalinikos (St. Petersburg Electro-Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia)
V. V. Kruglyak (University of Exeter, Exeter, UK)
A. A. Mukhin (Institute of General Physics RAS, Moscow, Russia)
A. Rogalev (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France)
L. E. Svistov (Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems RAS, Moscow, Russia)
S. S. Sosin (Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems RAS, Moscow, Russia)
Local committee (Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia)
V. A. Babenko
V. N. Kats
V. V. Pavlov
P. A. Usachev




This year the Ioffe Institute celebrates 100-year anniversary of its
foundation in 1918 under the direction of Abram Ioffe.

34355  345

In association with Interregional Innovative Development Center


Confirmed invited speakers
  • Vladimir Belotelov, Moscow State University, Russian Quantum Center, Moscow, Russia
  • Yury Bunkov, Institut Néel, CNRS, Grenoble, France
  • Hermann Dürr, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Alexey Kimel, Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Dany Lachance-Quirion, Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada
  • Jan Lüning, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), CNRS, Paris, France
  • Tatiana Murzina, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
  • Andrei Pimenov, Technical University Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • Alexander Samardak, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia
  • Andrei Sirenko, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New Jersey, USA
  • Edouard Sonin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Roland Wiesendanger, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
  • Mike Zhitomirsky, CEA, Grenoble, France
  • Anatolii Zvezdin, Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia
Symposium topics
  • Ultrafast spin dynamics and all-optical magnetization switching
  • Magnonics and propagation of spin waves
  • Spintronics
  • THz spectroscopy of spin excitations
  • Antiferromagnets and exotic magnetic structures
  • Spin excitations in low-dimensional and quantum magnets
  • Magneto-photonics, phononics and plasmonics
  • Magnetic topological structures

Program.pdf    (Final version)

Vladimir Belotelov (Moscow, Russia)
Vladimir Belotelov
Moscow, Russia
Moscow State University, Russian Quantum Center

Optical excitation of magnetization dynamics in magnetophotonic structures by fs-laser pulses

Thursday, June 7
Yury Bunkov (Grenoble, France)
Yury Bunkov
Grenoble, France
Institut Néel, CNRS

Spin superfluidity from ultralow to room temperature

Tuesday, June 5
Hermann Dürr (Uppsala, Sweden)
Hermann Dürr
Uppsala, Sweden
Uppsala University

Magnon condensation and magnetic pattern formation far from equilibrium

Wednesday, June 6
Alexey Kimel (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Alexey Kimel
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Radboud University Nijmegen

THz magnonics: generation, propagation and detection of THz spins waves

Wednesday, June 6
Dany Lachance-Quirion (Tokyo, Japan)
Dany Lachance-Quirion
Tokyo, Japan
University of Tokyo

Hybrid quantum systems with magnons

Monday, June 4
Jan Lüning (Paris, France)
Jan Lüning
Paris, France
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), CNRS


Wednesday, June 6
Tatiana Murzina (Moscow, Russia)
Tatiana Murzina
Moscow, Russia
M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Spectroscopic studies of planar Ag+Py magneto-plasmonic crystals

Tuesday, June 5
Andrei Pimenov (Vienna, Austria)
Andrei Pimenov
Vienna, Austria
Technical University Vienna

Voltage control of magnetoelectric excitations

Thursday, June 7
Alexander Samardak (Vladivostok, Russia)
Alexander Samardak
Vladivostok, Russia
Far Eastern Federal University

Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy of the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in ultrathin magnetic films

Thursday, June 7
Andrei Sirenko (Newark, New Jersey, USA)
Andrei Sirenko
Newark, New Jersey, USA
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Optical spectroscopy of magnons, electromagnons, phonons, and crystal field excitations in orthoferrites RFeO3

Thursday, June 7
Edouard Sonin (Jerusalem, Israel)
Edouard Sonin
Jerusalem, Israel
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Spin superfluidity: superfluid 3He, solids, spinor BEC

Tuesday, June 5
Roland Wiesendanger (Hamburg, Germany)
Roland Wiesendanger
Hamburg, Germany
University of Hamburg

Topological States in Low-Dimensional Magnetic Systems

Mike Zhitomirsky (Grenoble, France)
Mike Zhitomirsky
Grenoble, France

Exotic magnetic structures in frustrated magnets: from competing interactions to disorder induced jamming

Tuesday, June 5
Anatolii Zvezdin (Moscow, Russia)
Anatolii Zvezdin
Moscow, Russia
Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS

Mechanism of ultrafast all-optical magnetization switching in iron garnet

Thursday, June 7
Themes of reports
Last Name First Name Abstract title
Abramova Galina The magnon mode in Raman spectra of the antiferromagnetic a-MnS 
Aksenov Sergey Spin-dependent nonequilibrium transport in a quadruple quantum-dot device 
Aliev Farkhad Broadband communication and information processing with confined magnon modes 
Andrienko Aleksandr Observation of the Sample Elastic Eigenmode Excitation under Oblique Microwave Pumping of Magnetoelastic Waves in Hematite
Azovtsev Andrei Spin waves and currents generated by travelling elastic waves in ferromagnetic heterostructures
Bagraev Nikolay Quantum spin Faraday effect in silicon nanosandwiches
Bakharev Sergey Caustic of the Spin Waves in Ferromagnets
Barabanenkov Yury Quantum fluctuations in radiation process from non-stationary spin flipping waves along atomic linear chain with free ends
Baranovskii Sergei Effect of magnetic field induced tuning of disorder on the magnetoresistance of paramagnetic dilute magnetic semiconductors
Beginin Evgeny Brillouin light scattering study of layered YIG-Gallium Arsenide
Beginin Evgeniy Spin wave steering in three-dimensional magnonic networks 
Belotelov Vladimir Optical excitation of magnetization dynamics in magnetophotonic structures by fs-laser pulses
Besse Valentin Theoretical description of phonon-magnon interactions at the nano-scale
Bessonov Vladimir Time dependence of total non-reflected waves in micro-patterned YIG films
Bialek Marcin Spin-wave resonances in bismuth orthoferrite at high temperatures
Bonfiglio Guido Ultrafast magnetization dynamics of the ferrimagnetic Heusler alloy Mn2RuxGa
Borovkova Olga TMOKE in the Plasmonic Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Nanostructures
Bunkov Yury Spin superfluidity from ultralow to room temperature
Burgos Parra Erick Omar Time resolved imaging of coupled nano-contact spin transfer vortex oscillators
Chernov Alexander Influence of the laser pulse incidence angle on the phase of the optically excited magnetization precession
Chtchelkatchev Nikolai Electronic, magnetic and phonon properties of the series Mn1–xRhxGe: Ab initio DFT study
Denisov Konstantin Topological Hall effect in ferromagnetic thin films with magnetic skyrmions 
Dianov Michail Modelling of hypersound excitation by rf pulses in three-layer film
Dickmann Sergey Super-long-living spin excitations in a purely electronic quantum Hall system
Dubovoj Vladimir Spin wave filters based on thin YIG films for microwave applications
Dubrovin Roman Dielectric behaviour of antiferromagnetic manganese fluoroperovskites AMnF3 (A = Na, K, Rb, Cs)
Dudko Galina Sensitivity of SW destructive interference in crossing waveguides to changes of applied in-plane magnetic field
Farhutdinov Albert Conventional magnon BEC in YIG
Fedyanin Anatolii Magnetization reversal in magnetic metal films by ultrashort laser pulses: a key role of Eddy currents
Filimonov Yury Brillouin light scattering investigation of the spin wave beam focusing effect under excitation by curved transducer
Fischer Tobias Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in CoFeB thin films investigated by Brillouin Light Scattering Spectroscopy
Fraerman Andrey Nonreciprocal spin waves propagation in curvilinear ferromagnetic nanowires
Frey Pascal Propagation of spin waves in width-modulated magnonic crystals 
Gareeva Zukhra Low and high frequency dynamics of magnetic skyrmions in nanodots 
Gilmutdinov Vitaliy Coexistence of superconductivity and spiral magnetism in high-temperature superconductors
Glazkov Vasiliy Low-temperature antiferromagnetic resonance in quasi-2D magnet Cu(en)(H2O)2SO4
Golov Anton Numerical modelling of excitation of exchange magnons in nickel films by picosecond acoustic pulses
Gorji Mohammad Saleh Magnetic Domain Walls in FeRh Thin Film: In situ Lorentz TEM 
Gotovko Sofya ESR spectra of linarite PbCuSO4(OH)2
Grachev Andrey Spin wave propagation in strain reconfigurable magnonic crystal 
Grachev Andrey Strain tuned spin-wave interference in orthogonal magnonic stripes
Gridnev Valery Hierarchy of Relaxation Processes in All-Optical Magnetization Switching in Ferrimagnets
Gubanov Vladislav Spin-wave transport in the reconfigurable magnonic stripe with broken translational symmetry
Heussner Frank Frequency-division multiplexing in magnonic logic networks based on caustic-like spin-wave beams
Iakovleva Margarita Spin dynamics in the S = 1/2 honeycomb lattice compound InCu2/3V1/3O3  probed by magnetic resonance techniques 
Irkhin Valentin Magnetic phase diagrams in strongly correlated systems: Hartree-Fock and slave boson approaches
Iusipova Iuliia Switching and precession modes of magnetization dynamics in the MRAM cell in the magnetic field perpendicular to the anisotropy axis
Karakozov Anatolii Doping dependence of the gap structure and spin-fluctuation pairing in Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2 superconductors
Karashtin Evgeny Linear and non-linear chiral magneto-optical effects in non-collinear ferromagnets
Kats Vladimir Optically induced Faraday rotation in FeBO3 
Kaveev Andrey Spin wave relaxation in YIG nanofilms on MgO/GaN(0001)
Khivintsev Yuri Signal transmission enhancement in YIG network at spin wave resonance
Khivintsev Yuri Magnetostatic surface wave propagation in yttrium iron garnet film with nickel decoration
Khromov Vyacheslav Spin interference in ultra-narrow silicon quantum wells
Kimel Alexey THz magnonics: generation, propagation and detection of THz spins waves
Koichi Takase Unusual electronic state of the Mn 3d in the layered Mott insulator (LaO)MnAs
Komarov Roman Faraday effect in magnetoplasmonic multilayers of metallic nanoparticles in iron-garnet film
Korovin Alexander Spin waves in nanosized YIG films: effect of growth and annealing temperature 
Kostylev Mikhail Microwave to optical photon conversion by means of travelling-wave magnons in YIG films
Kotov Leonid Ultrafast magnetic switching in antiferromagnetic nanoparticles excited by microwave pulses 
Kozhaev Mikhail Optically excited ultrafast magnetization dynamics in Bi-substituted iron garnet with domain structure
Kozub Veniamin Magnetic excitations in ferromagnetic glasses
Kozub Veniamin Electron drag in ferromagnetic structures separated by an insulating interface
Krasnikova Yulia Relaxation of spin excitations in strong-leg spin ladder with non-magnetic doping
Kulik Leonid Transport of optically pumped spin in magnetized 2D electron system
Kurdyukova Ekaterina Effective permeability spectra and magnetic structure of composite films in the HF range
Kurkin Mikhail The new model of spin sublattices in antiferromagtets 
Kurlyandskaya Galina Iron-FeNi-nickel nanoparticles obtained by the electric explosion of wire: what can we add to understanding FeNi phase diagram at nanoscale
Kuznetsov Kirill Generation of terahertz pulses in the topological insulators Bi2-xSbxTe3-ySey
Lachance-Quirion Dany Hybrid quantum systems with magnons
Lee Shang-Fan Simulation on angular dependent transmission of spin waves and the induced domain wall motions in perpendicular-magnetic-anisotropy materials
Lugovikh Andrey Features of magnetic ordering in gallium arsenide with a delta layer of manganese of various concentrations
Lutsev Leonid Spin waves and interaction between spin excitations and 2D electrons in interface layer in YIG / semiconductor heterostructures
Lyapilin Igor Spin Hall effect, as a generator and amplifier of spin-wave current in hybrid structures
Ma  Zongwei  Evolution of multiple symmetries and magnetic phase structures in two-dimensional crystal Cr2Ge2Te6
Magnitskaya Maria Electron and phonon properties of the high-pressure phase B20-RhGe from ab initio calculations
Makarov Pavel Dispersion of spin magnetostatic surface waves in a medium with damping
Malakhovskii Alexander Local properties of HoFe3(BO3)4 single crystal in the excited 5F5 states of Ho3+ ion at reorientation magnetic transitions
Mazov Lev Specific magnetic order and spin waves in copper- and iron-based HTSC
Mentink Johan Quantum many-body dynamics of the Einstein-de Haas effect
Mikhaylovskiy Rostislav Terahertz magnon-polaritons in antiferromagnets
Mironov Victor Ferromagnetic resonance of individual domain wall in V-shaped nanowire
Morozova Maria Nonlinear directional coupler based on coupled magnonic crystals: theory and experment
Morozova Maria Tunable band gaps in composite multiferroic structures based on magnonic crystals and ferroelectric slab
Moskvin Alexander Unconventional features of the antiphase domain walls in the model S=1 (pseudo)spin 2D system
Mruczkiewicz Michal MSSW in YIG film with leaky metasurface
Mukhin Alexander Terahertz optical activity near magnetoelectric excitations in rare-earth borates
Murzina Tatiana Spectroscopic studies of planar Ag+Py magneto-plasmonic crystals
Nikitin Stanislav Quantum spin dynamics of quasi-1D Ising spin chains in an exotic longitudinal spin-density wave phase
Nikitin Aleksei Thin-film multiferroic Mach-Zehnder type interferometer
Nikitin Andrey Transmission characteristics of periodically modulated thin-film multiferroic structures with coplanar transmission line 
Nikitov Sergei Magnonics- from microwave to teraherth
Nikulin Yuri Spin injection and accumulation in the planar NiFe-InSb-NiFe spin valve 
Odintsov Sergey Interconnection of magnonic units based on spin-wave coupler and bended magnetic stripe
Ogrin Feodor 3D FDTD-LLG modelling of magnetisation dynamics in thin film ferromagnetic structures
Orlova Natalia Mechanism of the reduction of spin sublattices after the electron excitation of femtosecond laser pump
Osokin Sergey Spin waves in finite arrays of discrete ferromagnetic pillars
Osuna Ruiz David Propagating Spiral Spin Waves in Magnetic Nano-patches
Patrin Gennady Magnetic Resonance in [(CoP)soft/NiP/(CoP)hard/NiP]n Multilayer Film Structures
Pavlov Evgeniy Magnetostatic surface spin wave microwave pulse propagation in ferrite magnonic crystal with structural defect
Pavlov Evgeniy Spin wave propagation in 2D magnonic crystal Ψ-junction line defect waveguides
Perov Dmitry Polarization of spin waves in metal layer
Pershin Ilya The Fouriest Code: High-Performance Micromagnetic Simulation of Spintronic Materials and Devices 
Pimenov Andrei Voltage control of magnetoelectric excitations
Pleshev Dmitriy Features of dynamics of magnetic and elastic subsystems excited by a magnetization reversal in a ferrite plate
Poimanov Vladislav Scattering of spin waves by a layered structure with cells from a biaxial ferromagnet
Polzikova Natalia Theoretical and experimental investigations of spin pumping via bulk acoustic waves in resonator with YIG/Pt 
Povarov Kirill Quantum criticality in DTNX at zero field and pressure
Prosnikov Mikhail Spin dynamics in the low-symmetry antiferromagnet NiWO4
Pshenichnyi Kirill Spin waves stiffness in Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya helimagnet Cu2OSeO3 
Sadovnikov Alexandr Lateral and vertical magnonic networks based on the adjacent isulator-based magnetic stripes and magnonic crystals
Sadovnikov Alexandr Spin wave steering along different types of magnonic bend
Safin Timur Conventional magnon BEC in antiferromagnets with Suhl-Nakamura interaction
Safin Ansar Nonlinear dynamics of the antiferromagnetic THz-frequency spintronic oscillator
Sakharov Valentin Transformation of spin wave wavelength using currents' array on a plain ferrite film
Sakharov Valentin Filtration of magnetostatic waves in tapered YIG waveguides
Sakhratov Yuriy Magnetic structure of the quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet Rb(1 x)Fex(MoO4)2 probed by 87Rb NMR
Samardak Alexander Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy of the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in ultrathin magnetic films
Savitsky Arseny Twisted magnetization states and inhomogeneous resonance modes in an Fe/Gd ferrimagnetic multilayer
Savochkin Igor Excitation of spin waves with controllable phase and wavelength by femtosecond laser pulses
Semenikhin Petr Spontaneous magnetic ordering of the shallow impurities in the compensated semiconductors Ge and Si near of the phase insulator – metal transition
Sergeicheva Elena Magnetic phase diagram of a weakly ordered spin-1/2 chain compound Sr2CuO3
Severin Pavel Excitation of magnetic and elastic oscillations in ferrite plate including the spin reorientation transition region 
Sharevskaia Anna Spin waves in coupled easy - axis antiferromagnetic crystals 
Shelukhin Leonid Ultrafast laser-induced quenching of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in a magnetic tunnel junction structure
Sheng Zhigao High Magnetic Field Visualization of Antiferromagnetic Phase Dynamics
Shreder Elena Evolution of the Electronic Structure, Optical and Electrical Properties of Cobalt-Based Heusler Alloys
Sirenko Andrei Optical spectroscopy of magnons, electromagnons, phonons, and crystal field excitations in orthoferrites RFeO3
Skidanov Vladimir Simple model for ultrafast optical demagnetization in transition metals
Skirdkov Petr Spin pumping and probe in permalloy dots-topological insulator bilayers
Skorokhodov Evgeny Magnetic resonance force microscopy of permalloy microstrip array
Slavin Andrei Current-induced magnetization dynamics in antiferromagnets: generation of THz-frequency signals
Sluchanko Nikolay Anisotropy of magnetoresistance and magnetic H-T phase diagram                 of a cage-glass antiferromagnet Ho0.8Lu0.2B12
Smirnov Alexander Static vs dynamic fluctuations in a triangular antiferromagnet: experiment
Soldatov Timofey ESR of a doped quasi-1D S = 1 antiferromagnet NiCl2-4SC(NH2)2
Sonin Edouard Spin superfluidity: superfluid 3He, solids, spinor BEC
Stashkevich Andrey Understanding the interfacial nature of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and proximity induced magnetism
Sukhanov Aleksandr Magnon spectrum of the non-collinear antiferromagnet Mn3Ge
Sun Yan Magnetic and magneto-optical studies of low-dimensional materials
Svalov Andrey Tailoring Gilbert damping by Gd doping in GMI multilayers
Svistov Leonid Multiferroicity of CuCrO2 tested by ESR
Szaller Dávid Exotic magnetoelectric excitations of the multiferroic SmFe3(BO3)4
Szerenos Krzysztof Spectrally selective all-optical magnetic switching in a dielectric garnet
Szilva Attila Theory of non-collinear interactions beyond Heisenberg exchange; applications to bcc Fe
Takhtamyshyan Vladimir Identification of backward volume and surface magnetostatic modes in a rectangular yttrium-iron-garnet film by high frequency magnetic field distributions
Tatarskiy Dmitry Induced DMI in complex nanostructures with magnetic layers
Telegin Andrey Free-electron laser induced ultrafast dynamic of infrared magnetoabsorption in ferromagnetic spinel
Teplov Valentin Micromagnetic modeling of magnetization autoresonance in thin iron-yttrium garnet films with induced uniaxial anisotropy
Timirgazin Marat Slave-boson treatment of large-U limit in Hubbard and t-U-J models
Timofeev Viktor Stereographic projection approach to dynamics of skyrmionic spin structures
Tsvyashchenko Anatoly Magnetism of B20-type transition-metal monogermanides: Experiment and ab initio calculations
Tsypilnikov Andrei Magnon spectrum and magnetic susceptibility on skyrmion superlattice 
Tzschaschel Christian Temperature dependent spin damping in antiferromagnetic h-RMnO3
Udalov Oleg Interlayer coupling in magnetic tunnel junctions
Ulitko Vasiliy Phase diagrams of the 2D static spin-pseudospin model
Usachev Pavel Photoinduced Faraday rotation in EuTe
Utesov Oleg Polymorphism of low-temperature states in strained B20 helimagnets
Vasinovich Evgenii Elementary excitations in quantum S=1 paramagnet
Vavilova Evgeniia Quantum spin compounds Li3Me2SbO6 (Me = Ni, Cu) with non-magnetic defects in 2D-hexagonal matrix: magnitoresonance study
Vilkov Evgeny The kinetic equation for magnetization of nonequilibrium conduction electrons in magnetic junctions
Vitko Vitalii Theoretical model of nonlinear spin-wave optoelectronic active ring resonator
Vlasov Vladimir Magnetization switching of elliptical magnetic nanoparticle by ultashort pulses of surface acoustic waves 
Vlasov Vladimir Modelling of magnetization oscillations’ excitation by surface acoustic waves in metal films
Vyatkina Svetlana  Expansion of the magnetostatic wave beam excited by the finite length transducer in a tangentially magnetized ferrite film
Vysotsky Sergey Backward volume magnetostatic waves in subwavelength magnonic structures
Wiesendanger Roland Topological States in Low-Dimensional Magnetic Systems
Xu Xueli Second harmonic generation study of electric field induced ferroelectricity in the fatigued SrTiO3 single crystal
Yaroslavtsev Alexander Ultrafast magnetization dynamics of FeRh
Zhitomirsky Mike Exotic magnetic structures in frustrated magnets: from competing interactions to disorder induced jamming
Zipunova Elizaveta The anisotropy model on a compensated interface of cubic ferromagnet-antiferromagnet with structure Cu3Au (L12)
Zverev Vladimir Turbulent dynamics of 3D topological structures in moving domain walls  in the presence of random spatial inhomogeneties and thermal fluctuations
Zvezdin Anatoly Ultrafast spin dynamics in ferrimagnets with cubic anisotropy near the compensation temperature
Zvezdin Anatoly Mechanism of ultrafast all-optical magnetization switching in iron garnets


Sunday, June 3

Arrival of participants

Monday, June 4

8:30 Registration
10:00 Symposium opening
10:15-18:45 Scientific sessions
19:00-21:00 Welcome party

Tuesday, June 5
 9:00-17:00 Scientific sessions
17:00-19:00 Poster session
Wednesday, June 6
 9:00-13:00 Scientific sessions
14:30-18:30 Cultural program
19:00-22:00 Symposium dinner
Thursday, June 7
9:00-18:00 Scientific sessions
18:00 Symposium closing
Friday, June 8
Free day/ Departure of participants
Saint Petersburg city

St. Petersburg is among the most beautiful cities in the world. It is located on more than 100 islands, where the river Neva flows into the Gulf of Finland. The city was founded in 1703 by the Tsar Peter I as a new capital of the Russian Empire and kept this status till 1918. The city has more than 5 million inhabitants and is the northernmost among the world large cities. Its historic centre constitutes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. June in St. Petersburg is a period of short and light nights called "White Nights" and is the best time to visit the city.


The weather in June is mostly sunny with usual temperatures between 17 and 23 °C. Rain is possible, so we recommend you to pick up umbrellas and some warm clothing.

Symposium location

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden
Batayskiy lane 3A

Saint Petersburg, Russia Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden Batayskiy lane 3A
Cultural program, Wednesday, June 6
Guided tour to The Hermitage Museum
Guided tour to The Hermitage Museum
All guests, who has purchased Guided tour to the State Hermitage Museum, gather at the exit from the Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden at 3 p.m. for the transfer to the museum.
Our groups will enter the museum at 4 p.m. till 6.15 p.m.
Symposium dinner on the boat City Blues
Symposium dinner on the boat City Blues
Wednesday, June 6. Departure from the Universitetskaya Naberazhnaya, 3,

After excursion participants will be escorted to the Universitetskaya Naberazhnaya, 3 for the boarding on the boat-restaurant "City Blues" with a three-hour sightseeing tour via Neva River.
Boarding on the boat – 6.45 p.m.

Departure – 7 p.m.
Arrival – 10 p.m.
After the dinner there will be transfer to the Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden.

If you have any questions concerning the cultural program please contact the SW2018 secretariat by e-mail: sw2018@inno-mir.com or by phone: +7 (812) 645-35-90.
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